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Green Roads and Mission Zero Join Forces to End Veteran Suicide

Green Roads and Mission Zero Join Forces to End Veteran Suicide

Those who serve in our Armed Forces bravely face danger to defend our freedom and the American way of life. However, many veterans struggle with post traumatic stress upon their return to civilian life. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is extremely common among combat veterans, and the veteran suicide epidemic is the direct result of the PTSD epidemic among our nation’s heroes.

Florida Mission Zero was founded by a US Army veteran, Jose Belen, to provide service and support to the men and women who sacrifice their physical and mental well-being overseas for the freedom and way of life we all cherish here at home.

Green Roads is proud to support our partners at Mission Zero, and the worthy and noble cause of veteran suicide prevention, in any and every way we can. You can join the mission by educating yourself, spreading awareness in your community, and contributing to bringing the number of veterans who feel there is no escape other than suicide, to zero.

Mission: Possible

Mission Zero is an organization founded by United States Army Combat Veteran Jose Belen and his wife, Danielle, to improve the lives of veterans making the transition back to civilian life. The ultimate goals of Mission Zero include lightening the burden of PTSD and ending the veteran suicide epidemic. Working together enables us to better provide education and resources that are focused on the mental and physical physical aspects of healing, along with shedding light on how to make life a little brighter for a loved one living with PTSD.

Although it’s still a young organization, Mission Zero has formed meaningful corporate partnerships and sponsorships in order to bring light to the issues faced by veterans every day. These working relationships have enabled Jose and Danielle to advance their worthy mission with the help and support of members of the South Florida community, the veterans’ community, and the mental health community. The Mission is powered by a dedication to giving our vets the tools they need to make a smooth transition from military to civilian life. We believe that helping veterans return to the civilian life they have defended and secured should be a community-wide effort.

What is PTSD

Post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a common mental health condition among veterans of the armed services. It results in crippling anxiety and depression following long-term life-threatening or emotionally devastating experiences. In the brain, acute anxiety is the natural response to threats or danger. However, following repeated exposure to an extreme threat, tolerance builds and sensitivity decreases. When the threat is removed, i.e. when veterans return to civilian life following a period of active deployment, this tolerance and hyposensitivity reverses dramatically, and PTSD occurs.

PTSD comes with flashbacks to the period of trauma, decreased productivity, depression, and sometimes other mental health conditions secondary to these. More than half of veterans who struggle with post traumatic stress don’t even seek diagnosis or treatment for PTSD. But these are not insurmountable odds.

Mission Zero works every single day to change that number and to create awareness and camaraderie among those affected, so they can live the happy and productive civilian life they so deeply deserve. Supporting Mission Zero is the least we can do to forward their mission and improving the lives of the men and women who keep us safe.

Among the defining principles of Mission Zero is the word H.O.P.E.

It stands for Happiness, Opportunity, Purpose, and Empowerment.

Happiness is something every person should have the chance to achieve. Veterans give up their own happiness to secure the freedom and happiness of their country. Mission Zero works to make happiness a reality for those who have truly earned it.

Opportunity is the goal of freedom, and freedom is fought for and won by veterans who often aren’t able to share in the opportunities they secure for the rest of us. Mission Zero works day in and day out to encourage businesses and communities to make opportunities for work and life available for the veterans who enable them to live out their dreams in the land of the free.

Purpose is what motivates people to work for a difference in the world around us. Over time, our purpose can evolve and transform, but many veterans lose a sense of purpose when they make the transition from military life back to civilian life. Mission Zero exists to make this vital transition period as smooth and gentle as possible. Is there a more worthy cause than that?

Empowerment is the final step to set a transformation into motion. By empowering veterans to seek support, and empowering their communities to provide it, Mission Zero has already made an enormous difference in the lives of veterans who so selflessly sacrificed their health and well-being to defend our country and our freedom.

Partnering with Mission Zero is just one more way that we here at Green Roads see fit to show our support for the veterans and active service personnel who make our work possible in the first place. In addition, we are doubling down on our commitment to provide the benefits of CBD to veterans at a price they can afford.

That’s why we offer 50% off to all veterans, and it’s why we require verification of status as a current or former member of the armed forces. Veterans make an enormous sacrifice that the vast majority of people never have to make, so we feel they deserve perks that aren’t available to the vast majority of our customers. Learn more about Green Roads’ commitment to our country’s veterans here.

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