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Arby Barroso: Defender of the Green Roads Brand

Arby Barroso: Defender of the Green Roads Brand

Arby Barroso

In 2012, Arbelio “Arby” Barroso was broke, recovering from addiction, and had just lost his house. Fast forward to today, where Arby is a successful family man and the co-founder of a company on one of Forbes’ prestigious Top 10 Lists. Arby’s story is nothing short of inspirational, but his success did not occur overnight.

Early struggles

In 1993, Arby was in his early twenties leading an active lifestyle and doing what he loved most: playing sports. Arby’s world was turned upside down one day when he suffered injuries to his hip and femur which kept him in the hospital for a month. Despite multiple surgeries, Arby was not seeing significant progress. He was facing the possibility of not getting full mobility back in his legs.

“Imagine not being able to do the things you’re used to,” Arby said. “I was an athlete and competitor, but I couldn’t put on my own clothes or even walk.”

Arby eventually recovered aided by powerful painkillers which the doctors at Jackson Hospital had prescribed for him. He had overcome what was at this point his toughest battle, but an even more difficult struggle was about to begin which would end up transforming every aspect of his life.

The Turning Point

Arby Barroso Green Roads

By 2001, Arby had already started a family and was a devoted father to his daughter, Alexia. Professionally, he was in the process of starting a new business. Unfortunately for Arby, lightning struck twice; he injured his hip again putting all his plans on indefinite hold.

The pain was excruciating, and in the months leading up to the surgery, Arby had to rely on the same medications he had been introduced to after his first surgery. As time went on, Arby began to rely heavily on the pills and continued to use them even after a successful operation. He became addicted to prescription meds like Morphine, Demerol, Percocet, and other pain medications.

Arby reached his rock-bottom in 2010 after an unfortunate encounter with law enforcement. Arby was pulled over, and police officers discovered his bottle of pills. Unbeknownst to him at the time, carrying different prescription meds in one container is illegal even if you have prescriptions for all of them, as Arby did. He was arrested and given five years of probation. While Arby never imagined he could reach such a low point, this served as the wake-up call he needed to make significant changes in his life.

A Dream is Born

Determined to find better alternatives to deal with his pain, Arby discovered CBD soon after his encounter with the law. He used CBD to treat the pain he had struggled with for years, and before long he was off the pills.

Motivated by his own experience with CBD, Arby immersed himself in the industry in Colorado. This led Arby to CBD users and experts who showed him how CBD may save others the way it saved him.

Fueled by the touching stories and emotional journeys of the many CBD users he had encountered, Arby’s interest eventually turned into a passion that motivated him to approach longtime pharmacist Laura Fuentes in 2012 with the idea of starting Green Roads. Even though Arby was just recovering from his pill addiction and was still dealing with the repercussions of his arrest, he knew he had found a way to make a genuine impact in the lives of others, and he could not let this opportunity pass.

The Road to Success

In just a couple of years, Arby, together with Laura and the rest of the Green Roads team, has provided millions with natural solutions that were not previously available. Today, Green Roads has a diverse catalog consisting of more than 50 different CBD products such as oils, edibles, ointments, and even dog treats.

Green Roads is now one of the leading CBD companies on the market. In 2017, Forbes ranked Green Roads in the Top 10 Hemp Brands in the United States.

Moreover, the success of Green Roads has turned Arby into a powerful voice in the cannabis movement. He travels around the world educating, speaking at events, and is the founder of Cannabis Life Radio, a podcast dedicated to educational conversations about cannabis and the industry.

With Great Power…

Presently, Arby is happily married and is the proud father of two girls. Through his own experience, he understands that a supportive family and community are essential to overcoming adversity, which is why he is so heavily invested in helping out in his own community.

As Chair of the Medical Marijuana Advisory Board in Broward County, Arby has made it his mission to educate people about the benefits of CBD. He believes that a comprehensive understanding of what CBD is and how it works is the key to making CBD more accessible for those who so desperately need it.

Arby has also partnered with Mission Zero, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending U.S. veteran suicide and the mental anguish associated with PTSD. Through its partnership with Mission Zero, Green Roads works with numerous veterans and military personnel regularly to change the way veterans cope with PTSD. Green Roads and Mission Zero also provide educational resources that focus on mental and physical healing.

“There’s always an alternative”

Arby’s dedication to helping others through his business ventures and community work is fueled by his own journey and bumpy road to success. He knows better than anyone that bouncing back from your lowest points is possible. However, bouncing back may often require a helping hand, and Arby has made it his life’s mission to be that hand.

To learn more about Arby and his journey to success, make sure to follow him on Instagram and Facebook. For more information on Green Roads and what CBD can do for you, visit

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